Jumat, 20 Desember 2013

No JFMI No Party

This last few months seems running so fast. And knowing that today is already december like "oh... udah hampir semester 4 to. Yaudah." Semester 3 kerasanya cepet banget. Yet I still don't know what I should choose... Jurnalism or advertising. Or PR. Hah. I don't have a clue. Well, let's don't talk about it. You know, I've spent my last holiday in Lampung. It's actually not a holiday, but I purposely did escaping from all those college things. A week, with forkom jogja, and it was delighted. But it was a bit boring too. I even didn't took much photos. Hah. It was my first time ever taking part in jambore foto, and amazingly the people were really kind and funny. Though it was our first time meeting. But they easily taking it good and we are being close each others.

Sabtu, 17 Agustus 2013

First Time Ever

I like liverpool since my last year at primary school. That night I was watched tv with my cousin, EPL, liverpool match. When it was Steven Gerrard and Petter Crouch made 2 goals and the match end up with 2-0 for liverpool. Somehow I'm interested. First it because Gerrard then liverpool. I have no idea why. But let's admit it that Gerrard's look good and charming. It might be the one of "why" I like liverpool. Yes, their wise captain. StevieG. I'm not that liverpool fanatic fans actually, I just like liverpool. So much. I like the history behind liverpool, about hillsborough disaster. Okay well, I actually just want to share some photos. Few weeks ago liverpool came to Indonesia for their Tour. Me and my cousin were really excited about it. Then we decided to came and watched that match at GBK, Jakarta. My first time ever saw Gerrard directly. My God... He's overly handsome though I didn't look at him closely. I met Aat there, he's came from Bandung alone. He used travel to take him there. Yet the next day he had to follow some activities in his campus. What a fans! And we met some cousin's friends, they're liverpudlian. And we united here with Big Reds too. Fyi, I love the flares. Though it looked awful and the smoke hurt my eyes. And of course when we sang You're Never Walk Alone and when the whole people made the waves. Awesome!

Kamis, 23 Mei 2013

Daripada Tidur

Lately I have no anything to do.  Besides eat and sleep and repeated. Mmm... There's no collage assignments too. It's something rare. Well, few days ago friend of mine asked me for drawing a girl for her poster (it must be her job actually) and I started to draw... Okay honestly I'm enjoying it. Haaaaah for me it's been a long time no drawing. Afterwards, after my draw done I tried to draw on corel. And here it is! Mmm... What do you think? Is that good or bad?

Rabu, 22 Mei 2013


I love this song. You are badly cool, Zuwiiiii!

Selasa, 21 Mei 2013

Who's That Girl..... It's Jess!

Jadi semalem aku kebangun di tengah malem dan iseng buka timeline. Biasanya sih jam segitu itu jam jam tweet yang isinya galau-galauan (galau seko plastik), persambatan, dan beberapa ra jelas. Terus tiba-tiba kebaca tweetnya kak Sekar yang isinya tentang Zooey Deschanel. Mmm aku setuju banget sama tweetnya, secara nggak langsung memang mbak Zooey ini membawa mood yang positif juga buat aku. Aku suka nonton serial New Girl & dengerin lagu-lagu She and Him juga gara-gara si mbak Zooey. Suka lagi sama dia pas di 500 Days of Summer. Kadang-kadang kalo habis nonton New Girl aku suka niru-niru gayanya dia *sebegitunya. Tapi memang setelah aku nonton New Girl aku jadi lebih bahagia, sumpeeeh. Aku seneng kalo dia lagi ngobrol tapi obrolannya dia diomongin pake nada, kayak dinyanyiin. Ya kurang lebih kayak Bang Ipul gitu (kalo penggemar setia Bang Ipul pasti tau apa yang aku maksud). Terus lagunya dia yang Sugar Town juga aku suka, sampe aku suka denger lagu itu tiap berangkat ke kampus. Tapi alasan yang jelas aku suka sama mbak Zooey itu karena apa ya... Mmmm mungkin karena pembawaannya dia. Aaaaah ya Alhamdulillah, akhirnya aku punya seseorang yang diidolakan dan bisa memberikan semangat. Makasih mbak Zooey.

Pernyataannya Mbak Sekar tentang kemungkinan Zooey Deschanel mengandung susuk itu juga ada benernya juga sih, she's so hypnotizing *creepy -_-

Jumat, 17 Mei 2013


It's almost a year since I joined Fotkom. Well well anyway mmm truthfully I let my self not to get fall into far. Emm I mean, I don't let my self being that so active & being busy there. Not that because I don't like being around them, but there's some other activities that I have to done (sok nyibuk). But actually and honestly and surely I'm delighted being fotkom's member. Despite I did often skipped rapat rutin on Monday and Thursday hehehe :p But genuinely it's great & pretty cool. And now I just cannot wait for new members, fotkom 14. Yo!

Kamis, 16 Mei 2013

Freshy Fresh

Been looooong time no swimming. Nonik asked me for swimming when day off. And I quickly said yes. Feel bit awkward when I got into the water. Uuuu anyesss. Honestly I've followed the swimming club when I was in elementary school. It's going about 4 years. But since high school I stopped, until now. Actually swimming is the most cool sport activities ever, you don't need to be sweaty. Well, I thought I would do swimming more often. Hahahaha karena tempat berenangnya deket sama kampus!

Selasa, 14 Mei 2013


Fotkom 13 finally complete the challenge! Akhirnya bisa pameran juga, akhirnya selesai juga rangkaian diksarnya, akhirnya bisa hemat lagi gara-gara nggak harus beli film & cuci cetak. Ye! I was very satisfied for sure! Walaupun pas malem sebelum D-day 2 frame foto buat pameranku jatuh sampe pecah yang penting hasilnya memuaskan ye ye.

Selasa, 19 Maret 2013

Alhamdulillah Masih Seorang Teenager

Happy birthday me and Miha! Her birthday is 17th March and mine is 18th March.
Me now, isn't that liking celebrate my birthday, I might be a bit bored of it. Or was I the easily bored person.  

Pas galau malem-malem lagi nonton tv terus nggak ada yang kasih surprise, tiba-tiba rumah disatronin sama makhluk-makhluk ini. Dikasih birthday cake dan masa bentuknya hello kitty. Gak paham kenapa milihnya hello kitty apa iya mukaku kayak hello kitty. Padahal aku lebih mirip sama hello panda. Anyway thankyou!
Well my body was growing really fast, but my mindset like stopping and stucking like the time when I was an-eleven-years-old-person. Tapi alhamdulillah masih bisa merasakan ulang tahun lagi dan masih seorang teenager. Because I was too scared of being a-twenty-years-old-person, with my behavior that looks like an-eleven-years-old-person. I want to be a forever young person. Terus kemaren kebanyakan wishes nya "stay young" gitu, oh secara gak langsung mereka menginginkan aku selalu muda hehehe. For all the wishes, I just wanna say thanks :-----)

Rabu, 16 Januari 2013

A Good Start To A Good End

First month of the year, January. Nothing feels good than realize that January comes and brings much happiness for my life. Good people and good life come concurrently. Like this year begins with a good start. Me really feel so delighted and getting used to with my life pattern that somewhat weird. So lame, I guess. Okay well, you know people's mood really could affecting to others mood. Like somehow when others had a-bad-mood-day or get mad they will talk louder and harsh to us like uncontrol feelings, we could unconsciously get mad and bad mood too. Annoying. Truly hate it *curcol*. Mmm and yes holiday will come soon, but I still have no plans huhuhuhu. Like a vacation is just an expectation for my current life. By the way mmm I just wanna say happy birthday for the birthday boy, @galuhrahardian. He's my real soulmate :-) 

Minggu, 06 Januari 2013


Already 2013. And have no resolution. I'm trapped on my bad habit. A lazy & an easy-boring-person & a moody. A busy exam week, but not that hectic make me a bit crazy. Have no any note to study is the bigger problem. And diklat exhibiton is waiting, but I'm not ready at all. Analog camera is hard to use & pricey. Need about 100.000 rupiah to make pictures with analog, buy a roll film & "cuci scan". Oh! God bless me. Okay then, I might need a pocket camera. Daddy hates me using his cameras for narcism photos. And I need it because a mini camera is more comfort and lighter to carry. But I can't and hard to saving money. Honestly I'm a wasteful person. Really. Wish it could happen for my next birthday gift. My birthday's about March and I'm craving for canon G 12. Anyone, please? And I really want to spent my next holiday to a new and advanture place to visit. A beach and out from Java.