Sabtu, 23 Juni 2012

Summer is Coming

Summer holiday is already approaching. Hot sun and dry wind, so lovely to spend the holidays at the beach. Today we're going to Sepanjang Beach and Indrayani Beach at Wonosari. Ouh finally I could reached this places, hooray! Got there at noon, because it purposely wanted to watch the sunset. Breeze wind, a bright blue sky, tide waters and coral reefs can be seen clearly. Lucky me, I could saw some little fishes swam around the reef and some bulu babi, ew. The beach isn't too crowded, pretty comfort to enjoying the sunset. Played water and rolled on the sand. Ohhh heavenly heaven. 

Like a super model, oh my Godness

Alden -____-

Minggu, 17 Juni 2012

Are You My Guitar?

Attending photographs exhibition with dad today, "Dunia Panggung [sandiwara] at Kelas Pagi Yogyakarta. Actually dad came to open the exhibition and I just accompanied him. Really exciting. The show runs from today until next 30th June. Oh iya, two days ago Om Aziz and Om Hendric came on my home. They borrowed my guitar. They said, they will be fixed my old-broken-guitar and made it cool. Dan gak bohoooong, jadinya beneran cool. Saya suka, jadi ada gambarnya gitu loh.

Ayo dong tebak, ini siapaaaaa? :p
Sorry for blurry photos. Low speed & tangan saya tremor -_-
PRETTY COOL! The Drum is Bajra's & The Guitar is mine. Luv it
Ini belum mandi lo pemirsa :p

Bahagia Itu Sederhana Loooh

Setelah dari pagi merencanakan dinner buat malem mingguan sampe searching di google, we decided to choose Iga Bakar Sapi Bali. First time buat saya, tempatnya remang-remang gitu dan lumayan rame. Iga Bakar Madu nya juara deh, enak plus gede banget. Guilty pleasure yang ke 18359284 kalinya. Setelah ini akan olahraga ah... 

Mohon maaf buat muka cengok saya, ini saya lagi kekenyangan banget sumpah jadi gak mood poto -_-

 By the way, today is my parent's day! Happy 19th anniversary for mum and dad. Me and Miha will always love you {}

Morning surprise dari auntie Mamon dan keluarga, thankyou :-)

Sabtu, 16 Juni 2012

Such Unemployment

Have no idea for today even for the next few days. Still have no any-plan yet. Though I was off for a long & have lots day free. Probably I need a vacation for filling this holiday. Want to go out of town or challenging-vacation, mmm such as rafting or snorkeling or diving. Huhuhu really crave it. Actually before holiday, I've been making some vacation plans but... I think it won't be used deh. Huhuhu cause dad have no time for accompany, he just too busy with his study.

Kamis, 14 Juni 2012

What's For Dinner?

Om Gingin - Bajra - Tante Rianti - Om Kus - Mba Dika - Me & taken by Om Hono

I ate Nasi Sambel Teri & lots of satay last night. Felt so guilty (guilty pleasure) that I ate too much for my dinner. I'll be fat soon *phoof* *already fat* huhuhuhu. Kikil & sate paru are my favorites. You have to try it!

at Wedangan Pak Basuki, Solo.

Sabtu, 09 Juni 2012

An Expression Cannot Cheat

Iki rupo "Hah... Yoweslah. Aku pasrah wae."
Lately, I like to be home. Family around me. Feel like so comfort here. Yet the real reason is.... I need to whiten my skin. Hahaha and have no money to hang out. Poor me, poooor. Totally poor. By the way, I'm just feeling so disappointed, don't know with whom, for what even I have no reason to be disappointed. But I'm tried to cover it, I won't show it up. I learn to be more mature. But sometimes I just cannot lied my self-expression.

Selasa, 05 Juni 2012

Thank God

Yesterday social-one & social-two went to Piyungan for Bakti Sosial. But not all came. It was so much fun. I was in car with Kak Arif as the driver, Eyika, Didi, Nawang, Intan & Linna. We sang old song along the way to YAPITU. YAPITU is the orphanage that we are headed. This place are very close from Rhino's house, almost Gunung Kidul. Phew. We reached there at 4 p.m, an hour from patbhe. We met the children at there and they're so friendly. They welcomed us very well.


Finally, we officially inaugurated! Yea. 

Thank you so much, Patbhe & you guys for this 3 years that so impressive & memorable. I grateful to be around you. I'm glad to know you, and sure you're the most spectacular part of my life #tsahhhhh