Sabtu, 17 Agustus 2013

First Time Ever

I like liverpool since my last year at primary school. That night I was watched tv with my cousin, EPL, liverpool match. When it was Steven Gerrard and Petter Crouch made 2 goals and the match end up with 2-0 for liverpool. Somehow I'm interested. First it because Gerrard then liverpool. I have no idea why. But let's admit it that Gerrard's look good and charming. It might be the one of "why" I like liverpool. Yes, their wise captain. StevieG. I'm not that liverpool fanatic fans actually, I just like liverpool. So much. I like the history behind liverpool, about hillsborough disaster. Okay well, I actually just want to share some photos. Few weeks ago liverpool came to Indonesia for their Tour. Me and my cousin were really excited about it. Then we decided to came and watched that match at GBK, Jakarta. My first time ever saw Gerrard directly. My God... He's overly handsome though I didn't look at him closely. I met Aat there, he's came from Bandung alone. He used travel to take him there. Yet the next day he had to follow some activities in his campus. What a fans! And we met some cousin's friends, they're liverpudlian. And we united here with Big Reds too. Fyi, I love the flares. Though it looked awful and the smoke hurt my eyes. And of course when we sang You're Never Walk Alone and when the whole people made the waves. Awesome!

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