Rabu, 16 Januari 2013

A Good Start To A Good End

First month of the year, January. Nothing feels good than realize that January comes and brings much happiness for my life. Good people and good life come concurrently. Like this year begins with a good start. Me really feel so delighted and getting used to with my life pattern that somewhat weird. So lame, I guess. Okay well, you know people's mood really could affecting to others mood. Like somehow when others had a-bad-mood-day or get mad they will talk louder and harsh to us like uncontrol feelings, we could unconsciously get mad and bad mood too. Annoying. Truly hate it *curcol*. Mmm and yes holiday will come soon, but I still have no plans huhuhuhu. Like a vacation is just an expectation for my current life. By the way mmm I just wanna say happy birthday for the birthday boy, @galuhrahardian. He's my real soulmate :-) 

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