Selasa, 22 Februari 2011

Beautiful Eiffle Tower

I desperately bored & I have nothing to do. I'm on my TIK's class. My classmates were I just flipped through some website, blog-walking, updating status on my Twitter account and I was browsing through Google. I wrote "Eiffle Tower" and .......

 WOW! How beautiful, isn't it? So sexy & pretty cool! I want to see it directly, i want go there! I want Eiffle so much. I wish i can go to Paris next time, to see the Eiffle Tower with someone special and maybe get married there ♥ Hahahahaha :-----)

Selasa, 01 Februari 2011

Hallo February!

#februarywish, more and more luck & happy all the time.

January's Moments

January, 2011.
On Patbhe's b'day, futsal team.
Purry's b'day.
Celebrated. Social Glory!
We're The Reds. We're the Champions.

Ceremony, Patbhe's b'day.
Karaoke, Happy Puppy.

I closed this January with my friends & BHA's team @Kali Elo. We played Rafting, Fun Rafting. (29-30 January, 2011) \(^,^)/