Jumat, 29 April 2011

The Royal Wedding

Hallo today's 29 April 2011 and today's the day of marriage between Prince William and Kate Middleton, "The Royal Wedding". Britain welcomed their future king and queen. They were very happy. In the vicinity of Buckingham Palace there are lots of people from almost all countries in the world. How cool! Kate is very pretty with a simple white dress but looks very luxurious. She was the happiest woman today. Highly visible from her face and her smile. Okay and once again I want to say Happy Married William & Kate. God bless you both :)

The Best Thing

I just heard this song yesterday. From Diah's phone. Hear the song again and again, to understand the lyrics. It's beautiful words and very sweet

Mocca - The Best Thing
I’ve got the best thing in the world
Coz’ I got you in my heart
And this screw little world
Let’s hold hand together
We can share forever
Maybe someday the sky will be coloured with our love
I wake up in the morning
Feeling emptyness in my heart
This pain is just too real
I dream about you, with someone else
Please say that you love me
That we’ll never be apart
You have to promise
That you will be faithfull
And there will be lots and lots of love
It is the thing that really matters in this world…

And I really like this song, this song for someone special for me and he is "The Best Thing" for me.
I love you someone <3 

Rabu, 20 April 2011

Patbhe Hooligans

We are PATBHE Hooligans!
 Support & always there for PATBHE! Fight, win and have fun!

I'm the Birthday Girl

Long time no bloging. Hey guys, I just want to share some my birthday photos. Okay, now I'm officially 17 years old and I'm very pleased. Yeeeaaay! I'm the happiest Princess ever that night. I dont invite many friends, because very limited invitation. Really sorry guys. (Berasa artis, hehe). Actually my birthday was on  March 18. But it is celebrated on 27 March, coincide with Bajra's birthday. He's my cousin. I'm older than Bajra, 9 days older. We celebrate our birthday in Dixie, Gejayan. The place is cozy and very comfortable. TOP! And for the first time I wore fake eyelashes. Kyaaaahahaha. Okay! Let's see!

Bajra & Me before blowing the candles. Ouh ^_^

Three! Hufffffffff ^O^
Ini kue ku, tapi Bajra yg motong. Mukanya di acak-acak -_-
Ini kue nya Bajra, aku yg motong. Muka dia juga aku acak-acak :p

Omg, hahahah :D
Cute ya aku :3
Cantik ya aku *_*
First cake nya Bajra buat Ega. Yo'i lah pacarnya getooo :)
Kalo first cake ku buat Galuh. Habis mau buat siapa lagi -_-
Tukeran kue nih. Udah ada ide jahat ~_~

Mampus dehhhh, eat that Jra! Lilin haha.
Ewwwww cantik semua ya :*
Ini si Andrew. Mau ronda ya mas? :O
Anverra (Bandnya Bajra dkk)
Hsssssss ngopo e Luh? :p

Ini mas-mas, thankyou udah dateng :)
Eat timeeeee!!!!
Wow Aat, makan yg banyaaakkkkkk ya.
I love semua yg ada di foto ini :*
With Barbie girls, kyaaaa! :>
With temen SMP yang benar-benar aku cintai. I love youuuu
Mba Bethi (MC), kakak & Miha
Leave your signature here, Sella & Rakha :)
Nadya.... Jangan lama-lama!

9 pm show is over! I'm happy. Bajra happy. Hopefully everything that came also happy

Senin, 11 April 2011

My old class, Sparta.

SPARTA, I've almost grade 12. Leaving class 11 and began to focus for the exam. Imagining to learn every day, tutoring every day, counting, memorizing. Mathematics, geography, accounting, Indonesian, English, sociology. God, I'm totally not ready. I still want to play, enjoy high school. Not yet satisfied and felt very lacking. And when the thought of it all, periods of class 10 start up again. Remember my old class, my friend, lesson. I just felt really miss my old class and this time seemed so very fast. First time attending Patbhe, hazing, playing guitar and singing together, chatting, laughing, sad together, the anger in teachers, skipping classes, go to the beach. Overall, I miss all of my old class, class 10 A, SPARTA. Come on guys, we gathered together again.