Selasa, 17 Juli 2012

I Feel Like An Adventurer

So, how to start this writing? Oke well, I actually just got a super nice & amazing trip on my last weekend. I went to Krakatau Island. Sure It's truly an exhausted trip, maybe ever I had. Huffff. I leaved Jogja on Thursday evening with my elder sister. Arrived at Bekasi and continued to Kp. Rambutan, bus terminal for met the team. We arrived at Merak Port midnight, crossed the sea and reached Lampung about early morning, 4 a.m. Gosh! It's my first time in Sumatra. Hahahaha totally ndesit but I'm so excited :>
At Dermaga Canti before leaved the Lampug Island

At the roof of the boat
With Kakak & Kak May <3
Reached the first island, but so bad I forgot this island's name. Grrrrr -________- So lovely, blue gradation seawater and dead corals everywhere. 

The second island, Pulau Sebesi. We went there to do social service, mmm providing assistance for the school there. Electricity is supplied to this island only during evening until midnight. At noon they spent their time in yard, gardening and harvesting bananas. I can't imagine if I live there. Dying.

Aaaaaaaand tada, this's the Krakatau Island with the sandy mountain Gunung Rakata. We camped here. You know, earthquakes happens almost every hour in this island. Cool, rite? The bigger tremor when we there is 4.3 SR. No panic at all but we instead laughed hahaha. Krakatau : "Grrrrrhhh... grrrrrhhhh.... Hrrrrrrr....dreeeeeek....Dreeeek" We : "Hah? Hwaaaaa keren, lagi lagi!" Feeling lucky, cause we could having this rare moment. Though a bit scary.

At dawn we climbed to the summit of this mountain. A highly nice view. Waiting for the sunrise came. And I wonder why this mountain isn't as cold as the other mountains ya? Malahan panas gitu rasanya.

 SNORKELING TIME, babyyyyy!!!!!

Agak begimana gitu abis yang lain bisa bediri malahan bisa payungan, eh kita malah sok-sok dalem gitu -_-
At Pulau Umang
Corals, so many kind of fishs like nemo and a beautiful landscape. So WOOOW. But my knee is hurting by the sharp corals. Ewww -_- I'm having fun and enjoyed the trip. Maybe next time..... I'm thinking about Karimun Jawa.

Kamis, 05 Juli 2012

Can We Repeat This Again?

Sweet Memories of Candlelight, Patbhe 012's prom night. Wahooo! Romantic prom, dim lights, candles, black & red around the patbhe's center yard. Sweet and loveable. So warm and full of joy. For me, the best part of this party's when the documentary movie played and ended by firework party. I don't wanna write much, just wanna share some pictures.