Minggu, 10 Juli 2011

#Purnawarsa011 "City of Owl"

City of Owl was so awesome. Hmm last night the show runs nearly perfect. Yihwi! The event started around... Mmmmm 6 p.m and it's over at 11 p.m. Endank Soekamti & Rocket Rockers have successfully tone up the event last night. Lots of Kamtis & Rocket Rock Friends comes, they're dancing & singing all the night. Not only that, there are other bands that also enliven the event. Like Niesstri, Super Mario, Serigala Malam, So Sera & Fortune. There are also dance, Patbhe Dancers. Mmmmmm and I'm proud to be part of this event, although I'm not much help. Proud of our hard work so far :)