Minggu, 07 September 2014

However, You Are Still Stunning

Jogja nowadays is awesome, I sarcasm. Tugu become more crowded. A lot cafe, mega malls, hotels and kind of that place built. People looks happy to spend their holiday here, but I sometimes dont like with it. When holiday season come, car increase a lot and everywhere getting stuck. Ewh. However, Jogja would always be a wonderful place to live. A good and tasty food, low cost of living, how the social life works, and if you want to go from a place to other place you dont have to spend much time. Oiya, lately Jogja is fully full filled with many cultural events. I really like and appreciate it by attending the events. And seems like people like it too, selaluuuu penuuuuh and desek-desekan. Few days ago, me and mas Hendra attended Bedog Art Fest. That's my third time attend the event. Still awesome and dazzling me. It's a contemporary dance performances. I dont really understand with the motions of it's dance, but I was impressed with the background of that place. River and a looooot candles, looks like firefly.

Selasa, 02 September 2014

A Goodbye

I never know how it feels to be left and when it became forever. A death, mortality. Sounds horrific and tragic. Few days ago a brother, a friend, a person who is so kind hearted, funny, and humble left us forever. He leaving us without a goodbye, he passed away. And now I know how it feels. It deeply hurts, so heartbreaking. I may not that close with him, even we have not much memories together. But it quite make me feel so sad and shed my tears. He is a good person, everybody love him. Fotkom are mourning. We lost him, we will truly miss his presence, his jokes, his laugh. All the human on this earth at eventually will die. It could be wherever and whenever. We all actually are living for waiting our turn. Rest in peace, dek rooni. You wont be forgotten.