Kamis, 16 Mei 2013

Freshy Fresh

Been looooong time no swimming. Nonik asked me for swimming when day off. And I quickly said yes. Feel bit awkward when I got into the water. Uuuu anyesss. Honestly I've followed the swimming club when I was in elementary school. It's going about 4 years. But since high school I stopped, until now. Actually swimming is the most cool sport activities ever, you don't need to be sweaty. Well, I thought I would do swimming more often. Hahahaha karena tempat berenangnya deket sama kampus!

5 komentar:

  1. Enak sih renang di sana, teduh. Terus ada jam khusus buat cewek aja hehe.

  2. lebih enak di ikip, bisa loncat2, btw follow balik blog dong, ama minta cendolnya google+ hehe