Senin, 28 November 2011

Latihan Jadi Model

Exotic Risma.

Chubby cheek

Exotic Alvita
Cheers La Dance
Sporty Didi
Sporty Erika

Cuty Berry
Lovely Inti

Just realize that my girls were so beautiful. Love it <3

Jumat, 25 November 2011

I care, I die

Be the letter "B" between "A" and "C" is a very difficult when the "A" and "C" is two letters that can not be reconciled. You must be neutral or go on one of those letters. Or you will die.

Kamis, 24 November 2011


Today I'm not going to school bcus there are some troubles with my teeth. It hurts me so bad. My gums are swelling and sometimes make my head going giddy. I don't want go to dentist, my lil sister said that the doctor will pull out my teeth and it would make me in pain. So, I'm afraid to go there and I decided to hold this pain. For sure, I'm not too interesting to wearing braces. I'll look like Betty Lavea, glasses & braces. Geez.
Well, my mom just go with her friends. Daddy goes to Palembang for watching the Closing Ceremony of Sea Games. Mmm no no not just for watching but he work there as photographer, he's official. Like sie documentation and will be home for next Sunday. And certainly my lil sis has to go to school. I'm alone.
I turned on my laptop and opened some datas and I found a movie. I copied it from my classmate. The title is Suckseed. I played it and okay this movie successfully hurting my tummy. I laughed like nobody had heard. Hahahahahahah super duper LOL. I recommended this movie.
I guarantee you, you would out laughing while watching this movie.

Rabu, 23 November 2011

I Want a Cat.

I want a pet. Mmm I want a kitty. My classmate have told me about her cat, she said that this is a cat but it looks like a tiger. She named her cat, Chiko. Cat guy, he have many strips on his body. I saw him by photo on Mar's cellphone. So cuteeee. And she also have a baby cat, she said her sister's found the baby cat in the streets. Look so poor. Small & dirty. I asked my mom to nurture a cat but she quickly refused my request. Hoooh, the reason is, my sister was afraid with furry animals. Especially cats.Ouh -_-

Alden's cat (Alden is Bajra's brother)

Senin, 14 November 2011

Boring boring

Last Sunday, I joined UGM Psychology seminar. It held on Filsafat Auditorium. Actually... I'm not too interseted with it. Psychology is not my passion for sure. But my pals were going there than I thought no problem to come just for to know bout psychology education method. They talked bout school, national exam, advice & it's seriously boring. And well, at eventually..... I'm still not interested.

Look like students college, rite? :p

Minggu, 13 November 2011

Jazzy Jazz on Saturday Night

I spent this weekend with daddy & sister. We went to Kotagede for watching Ngayogjazz. Mmmm... Ngayogjazz is jazz music event that held at every year in Jogja. It's free for everyone, no tickets. Actually I'm not too interested with Jazz Music but I thought that it was pretty cool. Last year Ngayogjazz was played in Bantul, at Joko Pekik's house & now was played in Kotagede. There're about 5 or 6 stages that exist along the road. I used my dad's fix lens and realized that It can't played zoom. Huhuhuhuhu suck :< and the shows was over at middle night but I went home before it end.

That's my dad! *lagi galau*
Fix lens is totally suck umm -_-

Okay well, some tips : Jangan sekali-sekali pakai lensa fix disaat seperti ini karena akan percuma saja. Objek tidak dapat terlihat dari jarak yang jauh. Gunakan lensa tele untuk hasil terbaik. Sekian.

Jumat, 11 November 2011

"Jangan baca ini"

2012 bukanlah angka yang istimewa, namun sebuah keistimewaan yang akan membuat susunan 4 angka tersebut menyelinap dibenak kita sepanjang hidup kelak. Aku terlahir untuk selalu mengingatnya karena aku terlanjur membencinya.... 2012.... Tahun dimana kita harus mengakhirinya, teman.
Setiap pertemuan selalu ada perpisahan, yang mungkin tak akan terurai semua.
Kebahagiaan dan kesedihan akan menjadi kenangan yang terindah, dan begitulah rona-rona cinta dalam kehidupan.
Jika tua nanti kita tlah hidup masing-masing, ingatlah saat-saat kita bersama didalam sebuah gedung yang biasa saja untuk menuntut ilmu menuju masa dimana kita sudah berkeluarga, beranak istri dan tak bisa lagi menikmati sebungkus tawa, sepetak canda dan tetesan air mata di masa muda yang telah dibias indah bak pelangi.
Begitulah kisah ini berlanjut, tanpa terasa semakin erat jemari kita saling genggam hingga sosok kalian seperti mendarah daging di dalam tubuh, bak lautan persaudaraan tanpa ujung. Tapi semua ini hanyalah sepenggal cerita perjalanan hidup kita. Seperti pelangi, kawan. terlihat indah dan akan hilang namun selalu membuat otak kita bekerja untuk terus mengingatnya dan membuat hati kita luluh saat menyadarinya.
Terima kasih kawan.... Untuk senyumannya.

Wer, 2011.

Everybody love today

This morning I woke up & as usual I checked my timeline. Suddenly realize that....... Today's 11-11-11. Wow! It meant that today's 11 November 2011. Nice date, rite? This date is rotating about every 100 years. By the way Happy Heroes Day, Indonesia! Yesterday is Indonesian Heroes Day, 10 November 2011. Semoga semangat para teenagers & pejuang muda semakin berkobar dan membara. And like Mr. Soekarno said "JAS MERAH" that means is Jangan sekali-sekali melupakan sejarah. Walaupun kita hidup di jaman yang modern dan era global tekhnologi kita jangan sampe lupa sama jasa-jasa pahlawan kita dulu yang udah susah payah memerdekakan Indonesia. Sekarang adalah tugas kita untuk meneruskan perjuangan mereka. Okay, keep rock & roll Jiwa Muda yang Beda dan Berbahaya \m/

Minggu, 06 November 2011

Sabtu, 05 November 2011


She's Rakhma. She's my best friend on junior high school & until now. I usually call her Aming cause she's too skinny & she calls me Once cause I'm idiot. Thanks. We've a lot inequity. She likes dressing & I'm not, long hair & I'm not, using lipgloss & I'm not. And the most she liked is bullying me. Ghhhh! Last week, she asked me for photo shoot. She needs to cut her hair and before it she wants took some photo. Omy -_-

Seriously, I dont really like taking model's photo. I'm more intersted in landscape photos. But it's just for you, Ming.
I used my Nikon D70

Five for You

Wanna say happy birthday to best friend who don't want to be named. Hohoho, it's like mysterious guys. No one knows that today's his birthday. But... Don't call us best friend if we don't know his birthday. Mmm this morning, Entho came on my class & told me that today is Wer's birthday. Splashy. Hahahaha. So, we just sent him short messages by phone. And he quickly replied, "Ha, kegasiken!" Oh maaan, he tried to lied us. You can't, dude. But finally, he admitted. Then, I read his tweet and felt like ummmmh :) Okay, Happy Birthday best. I wish you all the best & stay wise :----)

Selasa, 01 November 2011


Say hallo to November! November comes so fast & rainy season already approach. Wet, cold and the smell of soil after the rainfall. I eternally loves it. Yup, I checked my timeline this morning and I read so many wishes + hastag #NovemberWish. They (people who i followed on Twitter) wrote their wishes or plans that what they'll do on November. It sounds fun. They had planned everything they would do for a month ahead. Yes, this kind of "Plans in November". But.... How bout me? Hahahaha honestly, I haven't plans or expectations of anything for this month. Idk, I just want this month goes by quickly and then immediately complete the semester exam. Saturation and boredom have started attacking me. Almost every Tuesday I'm not coming at school or everyday I'm just sleep in class throughout the lesson. But, what do you think I should make plans or targets for 30 days ahead? Mmmmmh yak, maybe I should.

Pulau Komodo

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