Jumat, 22 Mei 2015


I want to soar up into the sky with space suit. Or sit on ferris wheel in high speed, spinning for hours. Or do bungee jumping from a cliff.
But all I can do is just sitting on carousel with colorful lights.

Kamis, 07 Mei 2015


I did my last photo exhibition with some cool kids who interested with photography things. We gathered and given workshops about photography by Mas Wid, Mas Galatia and Mas Fehung as our mentors. We brainstormed by them to explore our ideas as wild as we want. They all so good and they goodly help us.Well I got quite excited with this because the cool part was... We have to take any photos with camera phone. Only camera in our cellphone. For me it was the first time ever and very challenging. I'm not sure whether my camera phone could work properly cause yea you know my phone is a vintage which it couldnt find the focus by itself. And the photos was extreamly blury when it took on a dim light. However, my camera phone still in a worse quality resolution. But it's okay. We wont talk about the resolution but ideas. I was in depression on finding the ideas, first day at meeting everyone has their own ideas and they could presented it well, except me. Ah... I should thought something deeper about me and something I couldn't life with. First, I thought about my parents. But it would be so mainstream, cause my friend once chose that theme on his last exhibition. On the second meeting I still havent brought any idea there to be presented while the other was already started taking pictures. Day by day, I was on my limit. I dont know when the ideas come over my brain, seems like the brain need a storm, literally storm. Then... Glasses. I couldnt life without glasses, I couldnt see the world clearly without glasses, and almost everyday I wear glasses. I never know how something small and trivial could give me a great big thing. Glasses is just a pair of glass with a small convex lens that framed. It's just a little thing but with it I could do my life.

Kacamata ke entah nomer berapa yang sudah berjuang sangat berat karena berkali-kali dilem tapi tetap bertahan dipakai.