Senin, 15 Februari 2016


We dont need to feel we are so hypocrite for being a 'Friends with Benefit'. Basically our life is about taking benefit from other people, cause we are created as social human beings. Which we need people for some helps, to work with, to share with, to hug with, to talk with, to laugh with, and many things. Benefits could be anything. Well for the simplest example, like when you need to know something such an answer, or advices, or whatever you want to know, then you start to ask your friend for the question and they help you with some answers or advice. I sure as long as we live we will always and have to take a benefit from other humans for keeping us alive.

Few days ago I did movie-marathon like usual, I watched Mistress America. This movie tells about sisterhood-relation, a teenage girl with older woman who become a new best friend and soon to be a step-sister. The older (Brook) has a good, glamor, and fancy life with a lot of friends but she was also a sweet and kind, and all the thing she did make the girl (Tracy Fishko) love her so much as a big sister. They getting to know each other, sharing life story, giving advices, they love each other like a real sibling. Tracy get interest and try to write a story about Brook (but it was like the other side of being Brook) and sooner Brook know that Tracy is taking advantage from her by writings her life story which is it tells the bad side of Brook. *I'm not good being a story teller, better watch the movie your self*.

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