Senin, 08 Februari 2016


I have just compeleted the one-tiring-week-challange. I was selected as one of the 18 workshop participants, Doc.Now! by Kelas Pagi Yogyakarta with six internazionale-level mentors. Such a prestige moment. Every workshop that I ever joined always give me another experience. Meet new people with different backgrounds, stories, ways of thinking, and jokes where it was very enjoyable. And it all made me realized that people are too smart and brainy, which I'm so shallow and toooooo one-sided-perpective person. Oh dear. During this holiday I had less time to play and made some interact with people. I'm a person with negative energy. I'm so busy with my self watching movies. Geez. So join the workshop was just my another refreshing-but-not-that-fresh moment. I grouped with five others and mentored by Mas Rony Zakaria and Mas Michael Eko. They both just cool, and plus they are photographer for National Geographic. How lucky!

My new friends, Kya. She's from Malang, and she's a veterinary student, but she has more interest at photography which is cool. Also she made her photo-project with camera analog. Double cool. Then there is Tyo, my friend from Jakarta. We met at another workshop, Kota Tua by Erasmus Huis. And we met again here, he made a photo project about abdi dalem Kraton. 

We were talking a lot. Mas Sapta from Jakarta showed us his photobook project that he made with his girlfriend when they were on holiday in Khatmandu (kalo ga salah). All the photos are taken by analog cameras (hasselblad and I dont know the others) and he told us that they brought a lot roll films, bw and color. Then, there is Mas Aji that sharing his stories about his experiences when he made a photo project in Cambodia, he got the opportunity to attend the prestigious Angkor Photo Workshop with Mas Ben and Tante Ocha. 

This is my group and all boys. That's Mas Mike and Mas Rony, our mentors.

And this is my mentor, Mas Rony Zakaria with his amazing photo project.

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