Senin, 01 Februari 2016

Reddish and Bloomy

32/366. Monday. First day of February.
It takes so long to feel this way, feeling greatful for being myself. Everyone has plus and minus, positive and negative, good and bad, white and black. Even me. I may not good at some points, but I sure I have other abilities that everyone hasn't. Before it, I might too busy thinking about those insecurities and inferior things. I am thinking about how if I do not work perfectly at the internship, how if my boss get mad, how if I cannot dress up properly, how if I should wear make up while working (ugh), how people look at me, and blah blah. That's way I'm not so ready to apply my resume and portofolio yet. (a big insecurity, block the pathway)
Well time flies, by the way I earn something. Something big, something I never imagine. I earn so many friends recently. For some people, make a friends are just a little thing, but for me make a friend with people is not an easy thing. And it probably because I could make a greatful, accepting my self, and be better.

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