Sabtu, 13 Desember 2014

People Will Stay Okay As Long As They Do Sharing

I always thought that I am the most peculiar kind of human. I dont know. I spoke haltingly, it's sometimes bugging my own self, I look like a talking-fish. Then, I wonder why most people take my jokes seriously, seroiusly? I am a slow response type of person, at anything, although I know the answer is. I like to walk in high pace but not running, it's weird because my weight. I like to imagine things, even at a little and unnoticed and probably no one has thought about it. Like "why people can do anything for love, where their logic?" and "if doing suicide isn't a sin, would you do it? why?" and "Is living hypocritically would make you looked like a bad person? but it's needed sometimes" actually that what I think currently. And yes there are still a lot questions spinning around my head needing the answers. But I keep it all just in my head since no one could understand my words. I know they are not really interested with it cause it is not so cool topic to be talked, they mostly just love to talk and comment about other's life secret and sometimes people's ootd. Yeah. Which I love to talk about it too, hahaha.

Well. I only talk about my life things with my mom and sometimes my boyfriend. They both are a good listener so far about that kind of topic. Most is daily life activity. I sometimes just need a person who able listen to me, like yeah listen to me with no comment, no judge, just simply understand what I say. I usually having a bed time story with my mom, I always tell her about everything.What I have done during the day, what I ate at lunch time, even that what I saw during my way back home. It's random. And she sometimes share about her past story. I love my mom so much.

Today I met my boyfriend, he just back from Karimun Jawa after 10 days adventuring. I used to ask him to tell me his story. He told me about how people life there. There is no electricity in daylight, sleeping in a house which only 2 meters from the beach, a men who merried a ship (I will tell you when you ask, cause it's quite long story). a poor and cutie seasick dog lol, and a guy who swim across the sea to Karimun for only 2 hours without life jacket. God. And he still alive. I wonder how if there is a shark and bite him.

I could feel happy and good when I can share and listen. Ah yeah, you will keep it yourself okay as long as you want to listen while you talk. I dont know what's the point of my post but being a person who wants to listen is sometimes hard cause talking is easier than listening.

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