Minggu, 07 September 2014

However, You Are Still Stunning

Jogja nowadays is awesome, I sarcasm. Tugu become more crowded. A lot cafe, mega malls, hotels and kind of that place built. People looks happy to spend their holiday here, but I sometimes dont like with it. When holiday season come, car increase a lot and everywhere getting stuck. Ewh. However, Jogja would always be a wonderful place to live. A good and tasty food, low cost of living, how the social life works, and if you want to go from a place to other place you dont have to spend much time. Oiya, lately Jogja is fully full filled with many cultural events. I really like and appreciate it by attending the events. And seems like people like it too, selaluuuu penuuuuh and desek-desekan. Few days ago, me and mas Hendra attended Bedog Art Fest. That's my third time attend the event. Still awesome and dazzling me. It's a contemporary dance performances. I dont really understand with the motions of it's dance, but I was impressed with the background of that place. River and a looooot candles, looks like firefly.

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