Selasa, 23 Desember 2014

Dah Akuh Mah Apah Atuh

I was watching tv when mum ask me for a talk. She randomly said that "I prefer to comment on photos than a loooong wisdom words that written by my friends on facebook." while she scrolling on her screen phone, I sure she just checking up her facebook home. And I asked her, "Why mum? I thought that people at your age are more interested at that kind of wisdom words, that very long and boring, mmm mainly for people on my age." "Not really for me. Mmm the actual reason is simply, cause I'm too lazy to read it all." Oh well, I expected she would replied my question diplomatically.

Yes, at some point I merely same like her. Sometimes I found myself too lazy for reading, I would feel sleepy and for often yawning. I did double tap a photo on instagram, yet I didn't read the caption finishly. And sometimes I post photos on my instagram without any caption or tagging name or place or song, blankly, just a photo. I don't write much, I don't like writting. And yea it's been so long I don't write status on my facebook or post something, even change my profile picture. I even dont write much on my blog for this year I only posted few. Yes, I'm overly lazy to complie the letters into words, words into sentences, then finally weaving it into paragraphs. My vocabulary is crappy also bad and messed up. Lol. Pardon me Lord, I'm only a human.

I oftenly found some photos mostly at instagram that having a lengthy caption but it doesn't match with the photo. Like they post a landscape photo but they write a song lyric on it caption box. Sometimes a super long sentence, sometimes just junk hashtags. They perhaps write it in purpose, to show their feelings or what but I still don't get it. People write for a long caption but it isn't fits with the photo, for what? It was actually like a poetry. Ah, I'm sorry, I don't mean to judge loh. For advice, why you not write it on a blog, dude? Dude Herlino (?). Sakjane yo terserah sih, kan gur ngomong wae. That's probably one of my why I don't really like to read the caption. The second is people write it with sophisticated words until I can hardly understand. My tutor once told me that he really sure I'm a smart (it only to make me no offended) but somehow I look stupid when talking. He was so harsh. He told me it because I do rarely reading, so I have lack of words. It makes me hard to explain what I want to talk. It's true. So I don"t feel offended. That's make me look stupid. But it's okay, I don't feel any burden cause this less-of-reading-things. For now at least.

A good photo without caption won't explain anything exactly, it would only give not leave you an impression, yes, just good cause the photo is indeed good visually but you don't know what is it and what story behind the photos. So please to write the caption properly, and probably shortly.

This writing is muchly explained that I was a person who only wants a delight for her self. Komentar tapi sendirinya lupa apa yang telah ia lakukan hanyalah sama dengan yang orang lain lakukan. Manusia, ada lupa dan khilafnya.

Yesterday, I took a walk with my bf. We went Solo by a morning train, Joglo Express. A nice train, and it's a new cause the passenger seats still wrapped in plastic, clean and so comfort. But it was quite expensive for 45 minutes rail-trip. I should take pramex next time. Anyway this is his first time ever going to Solo by train, and it's my second time since for a long time ago. I'm so excited, we got lost. Actually he just accompanied me, cause I'm not that brave to catch the train alone.

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