Jumat, 26 Desember 2014

A Sadness Will Always Be A Sadness

When I get sad, all I want to do is become more sad. I pitying myself, I cried for myself. Listening sad song repeatedly, and forcing myself to be more even sadder. I like being in a sorrow that I made by and for my only own self. It isn't pathetic I guess. Cause the only way I could enjoy my life is when I'm sad and when I'm alone. Everyone has their own way to enjoy the life, right? Even me.

Sometimes I imagine myself dying. Buried in the ground. Seeing nothing, just dark. And lonely. Would people miss me? Would they going to cry over me? Or even they would forgetting me? Or perhaps they would happy? I always wonder it.

I used to listen Sia Furler's song, My Love. It always got me, I love being blue.

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