Kamis, 24 November 2011


Today I'm not going to school bcus there are some troubles with my teeth. It hurts me so bad. My gums are swelling and sometimes make my head going giddy. I don't want go to dentist, my lil sister said that the doctor will pull out my teeth and it would make me in pain. So, I'm afraid to go there and I decided to hold this pain. For sure, I'm not too interesting to wearing braces. I'll look like Betty Lavea, glasses & braces. Geez.
Well, my mom just go with her friends. Daddy goes to Palembang for watching the Closing Ceremony of Sea Games. Mmm no no not just for watching but he work there as photographer, he's official. Like sie documentation and will be home for next Sunday. And certainly my lil sis has to go to school. I'm alone.
I turned on my laptop and opened some datas and I found a movie. I copied it from my classmate. The title is Suckseed. I played it and okay this movie successfully hurting my tummy. I laughed like nobody had heard. Hahahahahahah super duper LOL. I recommended this movie.
I guarantee you, you would out laughing while watching this movie.

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