Minggu, 13 November 2011

Jazzy Jazz on Saturday Night

I spent this weekend with daddy & sister. We went to Kotagede for watching Ngayogjazz. Mmmm... Ngayogjazz is jazz music event that held at every year in Jogja. It's free for everyone, no tickets. Actually I'm not too interested with Jazz Music but I thought that it was pretty cool. Last year Ngayogjazz was played in Bantul, at Joko Pekik's house & now was played in Kotagede. There're about 5 or 6 stages that exist along the road. I used my dad's fix lens and realized that It can't played zoom. Huhuhuhuhu suck :< and the shows was over at middle night but I went home before it end.

That's my dad! *lagi galau*
Fix lens is totally suck umm -_-

Okay well, some tips : Jangan sekali-sekali pakai lensa fix disaat seperti ini karena akan percuma saja. Objek tidak dapat terlihat dari jarak yang jauh. Gunakan lensa tele untuk hasil terbaik. Sekian.

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