Selasa, 01 November 2011


Say hallo to November! November comes so fast & rainy season already approach. Wet, cold and the smell of soil after the rainfall. I eternally loves it. Yup, I checked my timeline this morning and I read so many wishes + hastag #NovemberWish. They (people who i followed on Twitter) wrote their wishes or plans that what they'll do on November. It sounds fun. They had planned everything they would do for a month ahead. Yes, this kind of "Plans in November". But.... How bout me? Hahahaha honestly, I haven't plans or expectations of anything for this month. Idk, I just want this month goes by quickly and then immediately complete the semester exam. Saturation and boredom have started attacking me. Almost every Tuesday I'm not coming at school or everyday I'm just sleep in class throughout the lesson. But, what do you think I should make plans or targets for 30 days ahead? Mmmmmh yak, maybe I should.

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