Kamis, 24 Maret 2016

Birthday is No Longer A Special Day

Being 22, everything will be alright. I wish.

Birthday is no longer a special day since I realized a lot of sins happend through my life. People seems do not really care about my birthday or me. Cause people so easily bored, and birthday is once a year. But there are still many delightful moments and achievements in my life to be thankful.
Well, I got roses from daddy and bae this year (birthday gifts) since I never get any rose during my life. I thought roses for birthday gift is too lame, but it's not. Lol. And my girls came to surprise me with donuts with candles, this has been a long time since we were too busy and not having a quality time to gather (U guys are the best!). Plus this year I could celebrated bae's birthday together, cause last year he had to work in Jakarta and we just celebrate it via skype. Sad. But Cute.

Being my favorites since high school, plus Nawang.

I keep those flowers inside the refrigerator to make it durable.

I made him a chocolate fudge with almond slice as the topping (I'm not good at making cake-tart btw) which is not bad lah. And some art work birthday card and gifts. He loves it!

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