Selasa, 18 Februari 2014

Dream Vacation

I was spent my val's day at the highest village in java (kata faiz sih gitu), Dieng. With my mates. It's actually our dream vacation since a long time ago. And we've done it at couples day ago, it took a very long time right to make it into real? The first reason to make it happened is because now faiz and firman could drive a car. And second third fourth and the next reasons are because we've grown and wanting a vacation like college-kid. Yeah. We rented a house for a night, we did sleepover, barbeque, cooking, laughed all day loooong, watched horror movie, climbed the peak, single party (kecuali rakhma yo, tapi dianggep wae). I pretty happy. Considering I was looking for a "sweet escape" lately, and they've filled it. Successfully. Though it's just a day... Thanks guys for make our dream vacation came true. And being my sweetest friends since my first day in junior high school (gak boong deh hari pertama di kelas emang udah ngelompok). Xoxo.

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