Kamis, 27 Februari 2014


Being inferior is really irritating me. Yea, that's my whole life problem. I'm not good at being nice. It's really hard for me to make a friend... I'm more kind of person who like walking through the coridor with earphones plugged on my ears and looked down along the way and being cool and wishing that coridor is empty. So I don't have to say hi to anyone. Okay, I now decided to choose adv as my concentration. I do love it, but I have no friends at class. I hate being early and should waiting the lecturer come and have no one to talk while waiting and just playing flappy bird. Mmm the main problem is because of me. They actually tried to say hi and make a topic or at least asked me about little thing. But it's me again that could not respon it well. And always going fail then end up with nothing, like this conversation was already done since my first respon. Yes, it's me again who never tried to make any conversation being that exciting. No wonder, I have no friends to share.  Maybe they realized how pathetic tried to talk to me. My second problem is I always feel guilt at anything I had done. Like overthinking of something and would worrying it all the time of my life. When that guilt moments randomly come into my brain, I could suddenly being weird. Honestly, it's very very very annoying. I don't even know why this could happened to me. Third is I'm the most quick-tempered kind of person in this world. And irritability. And yeah that's why I have less friends. They not enjoy being around me. I make my friendship-life going worse. I have no idea why I write it... I verily need a talk with human. Not a laptop or cellphone. *so sad*

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