Kamis, 24 Mei 2012

Travelling is My Favorite

I do love Sunday morning atmosphere. Mmm don't know why, but the air feels cooler on Sunday. Or maybe because Sunday is a holiday. Okay. Last Sunday I went to Solo with mum & some pals hehe. Bajra as a driver, he drove us though he didn't sleep at night because Final match Champions League that ended at dawn. Phuww. 

Watching Green Lantern along the way to Solo

At noon we arrived at my mum's friend, om Kus. He just so friendly. He likes photography too, we talked a lot about cameras & Festival Batik Solo.

Actually we went to Solo for purpose. Taking photos for a magazine, yap property magazine.

Playing piano, fyi that's just acting
With my little sweety, omyyy I look so big

We back home to Jogja during the afternoon. Before go home we decided to stop at Kedai Susu "Shi Jack". I ordered SUKADI (susu coklat dingin), it just a pure milk with cocoa powder and some ice cubes. I really love the milk taste, segerrrrrr :9

Mum & Bajra
I call her Mbak Dika, geez her pose was so..... -_-

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