Minggu, 12 Juni 2011

SMA N 4 Yogyakarta

My school, SMA N 4 Yogyakarta would hold some events. Fun Bike & Performing Arts by Purnawarsa 011. Fun Bike is the agenda of the activities of "Foranza d'Patbhe". We'll be cycling happily on Saturday night. Yow! Starting from "Monumen Serangan Umum 1 Maret" and will finish in "Lapangan PLN, Mangkubumi". And there's so much fun games & i think you'll enjoy with it. Me and my friends will follow this. This activity is great fun. I suggest, you also have to join this event. The event is free, you will also get chocolate, stickers & ribbons. Hmmmm moreover, you should also follow the other activities held by Patbhe. PURNAWARSA 011. Purnawarsa is an annual activity of SMA N 4 Yogyakarta. This year Purnawarsa chose the theme "City of Owl". Why Owl? Because the Owl is a symbol of Patbhe. I also do not really know what the intentions behind it. Hehehehehe. We invite "Rocket Rockers" and "Endank Soekamti", cool isn't it? So you must watch this show.

Fun Bike, Foranza d'Patbhe.

Purnawarsa Patbhe
Kay guys! Wait for the next info ya :------)

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