Selasa, 31 Mei 2011

The day before

Today's Tuesday & tomorrow's Wednesday. Thursday's holiday and Friday is......... FINAL EXAM! I know I'm not too ready to face the final exam. But somehow I have to face it and try to be ready. Dsn't feel, has been a year I became part of the class, social class. Social One. At first I felt very pessimistic. I'm not sure, what can I mingle with the children of this class? With my new classmates? I only know a few people in this class, not all of them. But over time, I feel in love with this class. We are a compact class and always help each other. I felt very enjoy with this class. I love being Sosial-ers. Our class won many competitions held by the school. I feel very proud to be part of this class, Social One. And tomorrow is the last day we became classmates as a Social One. I feel sad and grateful to have been the part of this class. Thankyou classmates, thankyou Sosial One. You're so amazing!

*And they're part of my class :
Andrew (the big boy), Rino as Ketua Kelas, Devi (the quite girl), Fanda (the Swashbuckler), ME :), Nafisha (the Athletic girls), Rani (the Ababil part 1), Arga (the unstable man), Tyas (the diligent), Isnain (the stylish men), Linia (the beauty & smart), Riwa (the Ciu man), Punto (the cruel smart boy), Rika (the funny & cute) , Retno (The sound of lightning), Wilma (the little miss clever), Yoga (the quite boy), Tika (the cute), Ayu (the active girl), Didi (the smart, beauty, diligent, and perfect), Fathi (the funny girl), Erika (the crybaby who always cares), Leo (the little), Helmy (the biebber), Nadya (the Ababil part II), Reza (the black-boy), Dea (the sweet girl), Arif (the playboy), Wahyu (the sport), Nawang (the pottatoes), Amel (the kind girl).

I love you so much guys, you colored my day.

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  1. aaahhh ineee aku terharu banget bacanya. pokoknya bakal kangen banget sama social one!!!!