Kamis, 20 Agustus 2015


My #summervibes : being one of the-nowness-people and being so fancy by buying pricey body and face care products, the body shop. I love the fuji green tea body sorbet like seriously, cause it smells goooood. I could die. Really. Ok then... My other #summervibes activity is start consuming healthy beverages like detox juice. I once ever wanted to join a detox juice program, but I have to pay IDR 1.250K for 18 bottles juices (1 day/6 bottles). Wtf. It was quite expensive for only a juice. Then I made my own health-beverages by myself. I drink monster juice which the taste doesn't seem like a monster, is delicious for honest. I put a bunch of kale, a bunch of cabbage, a bunch of spinach, green apple, and pear.

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