Jumat, 12 Juni 2015


Nothing feels so special when I saw the Old Batavia. It was only a place with an antique and vintage impression. Simply like Kota Gede in Jogja. I dont know, seems like I'm not having any interested to explore. Boring and nothing could distract my attention. Then I decided to try taking a walk around that place. And when I saw the buildings, there was something that could made me amazed. Graceful old buildings. Quite, cold, and mysterious. Like each building has their own story and secret. Therefore I raised the theme of old buildings of Old Batavia for my personal photo story project. 
Well well, thankyou Jakarta, thankyou Kota Tua, thankyou Erasmus Huis, thankyou Mr. Ton, thankyou Mas Yoppy Pieter, thankyou Mas Ben Laksana, and thankyou guys for welcomed me well while I was there. Thankyou for the new experiences and discussion. Glad to meet you all.

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