Rabu, 01 April 2015


March has just passed. March left me tons of happiness, gave me much joyful moments and new friends. March is so me. My birthday was on March and now I'm 21 years old. Looks like time is running in a rush right. I did short trip vacation to Bandung, completed my personal project photo with All You Can Art, re-doing my old activities (made some fun project with paper and withered flowers). I'm not watching a lot movies lately, it indicates that I was pretty busy. And still could having a good time with best friends.
And I find a lot of new things when I was experimenting and when having a talk with people. I really adore smart people. Like they could stole my fully attention. How they were talk, or when they pull out their own opinions and make an argue cleverly. Good. Then I start to applying my weird ideas into real. Ah... I realized that I was a bit changed. I began to accept the otherness that is going around me. The most difficult thing in life is against yourself, but yeah I did it. At least I begin to try. I'm trying to build the "atmosphere", starting the conversation which I never did it before. It is no longer awkward. Myself deserve rewards. Haha. Something good comes through a long process.

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