Rabu, 28 Januari 2015

A Thank To

I never had that much gratefulness towards something, or someone. I even do not appreciate my efforts, or my works. I feel like why I should give any gratitude for it all. Nothing makes me so good for thanking to something. But since I realized that life is not just for my own, and "YOLO" I tried to act good and nice to other. Like I getting myself used to thank over something and to someone who helped me. Or when they doing kind over me, and but it just happened when I remember and in squeezed moment. Sometimes I feel myself are too arrogant and cursed. Ah... It should be stopped by now.
My brain scrolling into the past time, few months ago. I did photo exhibiton with my two photograph-class mates. It was actually a self project photo that mentored and we had a deadline, a week for hunt and the exhibition. The mentor is a person I ever write on my last post. He is Yoppy Pieter, he is from PannaPhoto. If you used with photograph things you probably know what is PannaPhoto. PannaPhoto is such a school photograph which so much cool and prestigious. Mmm that was like a golden chance for sure to be mentored by him. Mmm he is a bit fierce (a bit, ok?), not a tolarance, quite strich but he is so impressive, sadly I just realized it by now. He likes to say "Cranberries" that means "Keren Banget" lol when seeing something awesome. I often complain and grumbling when my photos was not curated by him. While I already did taking photos twice a day, day and night. It really broke my heart. I ever cried, and to be honest I talking about him when I'm with my class mate. Haha sorry mas, now I feel bad and regret it.
Ah thankyou so much to mas Yoppy and om Haryo, you both are one of the best people I ever meet. They both taught me many things and giving me a lot of experience about photo.

the left one is om haryo and the right one is mas yoppy

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