Senin, 29 Oktober 2012

Need More Time Like This

Yow! Finally met the geng after a long time. Aat back to Jogja at last weekend, about to holiday. And he invited us for having lunch at his villa. So fun! We spent a whole day there, an amazing house. I was very enjoyed being there *o* Oiya, habis pulang dari villa Aat kita main futsal gitu deh seangkatan. Seru banget! So guys thankyou for the time, feel sweet and at least it could make me forgot about uts for a moment. Hahahahaha :*

2 komentar:

  1. Temen Nadhira ternyata :) Nice to know you..


  2. Yap! Temen Nadhira juga ya? Hi nice to know you too :-)