Sabtu, 23 Juni 2012

Summer is Coming

Summer holiday is already approaching. Hot sun and dry wind, so lovely to spend the holidays at the beach. Today we're going to Sepanjang Beach and Indrayani Beach at Wonosari. Ouh finally I could reached this places, hooray! Got there at noon, because it purposely wanted to watch the sunset. Breeze wind, a bright blue sky, tide waters and coral reefs can be seen clearly. Lucky me, I could saw some little fishes swam around the reef and some bulu babi, ew. The beach isn't too crowded, pretty comfort to enjoying the sunset. Played water and rolled on the sand. Ohhh heavenly heaven. 

Like a super model, oh my Godness

Alden -____-

2 komentar:

  1. seems sooo fun.. lain kali kita yuk! :-*

  2. Yuyuyuyuyuuuuuuuuk. Bagus pantainya, kalo sore cool banget. Sambil liat sunset :-)