Minggu, 11 Desember 2011


I was so tired, but today it's really damn fun fun fun. In the morning, I went to Taman Sari water palace with Nikon School Indonesia Yogyakarta. Mmm my daddy taught at NSI. We go there for hunting, photo model. I was learned a lot. About lighting, shadows, background, foreground and much more. We're left to set the model. "Yak Sharen (the model's name) look at me look at me!" or "Sharen, chin up!" or "Sharen tangannya, yak yak yak!" Hahahahaha :))

The team

We finished hmm about noon. So hot and it makes me sweat. Fyuh -_- at 1 p.m me & daddy went to Pakem. Daddy asked me to join the photo contest by Bulb. Yup! I was register and I got the yellow team. First, my team had to take indoor picture with studio lights & a model. Second, we take outdoor picture. I loved the model's make-up, sharp & colorful. Nice. Maybe there, only me who are still a senior high school. Almost all were photographer profesionals, with camera pro & long lens/tele.But I'm not insecure at all, because I'm learning and daddy accompany me. Hahahaha.

This's the ticket register & my yellow card.
Today was so exhausting. I was very smelly & sweaty, plus I haven't shower this morning. Kya! Daddy offers me to learn and explore photography at NSI after I graduated from high school later. I'm automatically said "Of course I would." :))

I'm using Nikon D90 & Nikkor lens 18-105 VR.

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