Kamis, 11 Agustus 2011


Yesterday is My Sella's birthday. Finally, she got her sweet seventeenth. Yoey! Happy birthday darling, I hope you'll still be my best friend, whatever happens. And may God always protect you and take care of you every time.
Actually, yesterday morning mmm exactly in the super-early-morning (before sahur) me, budhe, tante Elis, Rizky, Rakha and Molana made a little surprise for her. We woke her up and gave the cake with "1" & "7" candles and we sang for her. He looked so .... Messy. Her hair was disheveled hahahaha lol. I brought a camera and I took some photos. But it is very unfortunate ... My memory card is damaged. Fuk & super Syit!
One more time, Happy birthday Tessa Zelyana Hidayat. I love you.

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