Jumat, 26 November 2010

Crazy Day

Last Thursday, my school closed because there is "Teachers Day". The teachers followed the ceremony, while for students it's time to play. Yesterday me and my friends (Helmy, Diah, Rani, Nadia, Erika, Punto) went to buy some childhood toys. Soap bubbles and the monopoly is our target. Finally we decided to stop at a toy store near Progo. After getting what we want, then we went to the "Taman Pintar" and lunch at Popeye's. And after that we were walking around the Taman Pintar and took some funny photos. Due to cloudy weather suddenly we immediately decided to go home promptly at 2 pm. And the day ended in obscurity.

 At toy store, beside Progo.

 Finally, we bought a monopoly.

Helmy w/ idiot face.

Yummy. Ice cream cone.

 We bought some silly bracelets.

 Nadia - Erika - Rani

My girls!

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