Senin, 11 April 2011

My old class, Sparta.

SPARTA, I've almost grade 12. Leaving class 11 and began to focus for the exam. Imagining to learn every day, tutoring every day, counting, memorizing. Mathematics, geography, accounting, Indonesian, English, sociology. God, I'm totally not ready. I still want to play, enjoy high school. Not yet satisfied and felt very lacking. And when the thought of it all, periods of class 10 start up again. Remember my old class, my friend, lesson. I just felt really miss my old class and this time seemed so very fast. First time attending Patbhe, hazing, playing guitar and singing together, chatting, laughing, sad together, the anger in teachers, skipping classes, go to the beach. Overall, I miss all of my old class, class 10 A, SPARTA. Come on guys, we gathered together again.

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